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Regular updates featured here include our latest webinars, links to relevant events, and details of whats coming up next!

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Census 2023

For the first time, on the 7th of March, NZ Census will ask questions about gender, sexual identity, and variation of sex characteristics (generally known as intersex).

For many years intersex advocates have worked to have intersex included in different data collection sets. For the past 4 years Intersex Aotearoa have worked directly with Statistics NZ on an advisory team, to devise how this could be best achieved.

The fact sheet attached below is being sent to multiple services, including government agencies, health institutions, educational settings and rainbow organisations.

It may take some time before there is the social comfortability for members of our community to feel safe enough to respond to the census in this way.

Being counted will make a difference. However small those numbers may be at the beginning.

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Auckland Pride

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Auckland Pride writes, "This year we are proud to be holding space with our whānau from Intersex Aotearoa (ITANZ). This February we will March in solidarity alongside our intersex community members, elevating their voices and educating ourselves on variations of sex characteristics thanks to this important and diverse group that is part of our rainbow community.

This Pride March calls for solidarity, celebration of all bodies, sovereignty and proud intersexy joy!

Intersex Aotearoa continues to build recognition, awareness, and to fight for a platform for Intersex folk in Aotearoa. We at Auckland Pride not only want to awhi their kaupapa but come together as a community to uplift the too-often forgotten voices of the intersex community and to elevate their platform so we as a community can offer our unified support.

Join us in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland on the 17th of March to help us create placards and find out more about how you can be an intersexy ally! We will be meeting before the March on the 18th of February to get decked out with Intersex pride, facepaint and temporary tattoos.


Look out for updates here and on our facebook page. 

Five years on from the Darlington Statement, an Intersex Awareness Day webinar

For Intersex Awareness Day 2022 we marked the fifth anniversary of the Darlington Statement, written, ratified, and published in March 2017 during the first Darlington Retreat. The Darlington Statement is a landmark intersex human rights document of priorities determined by lived experience. It has had a profound impact on advocacy in Australia and New Zealand and inspired other intersex organisations across the world to explore their own human rights contexts.

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Partnering with other peer organisations, and collaborators, Intersex Aotearoa hosts a range of discussions that you can check out below.

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