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Peer Support Project 

For the next three years Intersex Aotearoa is developing the very first by-intersex-for-intersex peer support programme in New Zealand.


Our mission is to bring an end to the isolation, medicalisation and shame our community experiences. In community, there is power! So let's bring together peers and provide safe ways to grow peer support services that can provide Aotearoa's first intersex peer support services.

We reckon that peer support is a vital part of creating change within the lives of groups experiencing discrimination. Peer support means that those with lived experience are given sustainable, safe, and trauma-informed pathways to meet with others that they can relate to. Peer support can provide a space where people can hear their experiences reflected back at them by others, and discover a new sense of place as part of a community.


Our vision for the project's development over the next three years: 


Do the training! We are learning how to safely create peer support environments with the help of industry experts (who just happen to be intersex stars as well)


Provide peer support, so that we may build community, and share, heal and grow the intersex community together.


Train those who have attended peer support to be able to one day hold their own intersex peer support meetings.

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