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Intersex Awareness Day

October 26th

Intersex Awareness Day is an international day of action for intersex human rights. Held on the 26th of October, Intersex Awareness Day marks the anniversary of the first public demonstration by intersex people in the US in 1996. Read on to find out what we're doing to mark this important day, and how you can get involved!

'Here we are'
IAD video series 2022 

This Intersex Awareness Day we zoom in a little and feature everyday intersex people, living their best lives.


"I might have an intersex variation, but thats just one thing that makes me, me!"

Ad campaign

This year for Intersex Awareness Day, we've partnered with the wonderful team at Mediaworks Rainbow Network to bring some giant billboards to a town near you.

WLG_Intersex Digi Billboard_1120x320 B REV.png

Allies & accomplices

It's important you too show solidarity educate on IAD. Post on your socials, talk to your mates, tell everyone why you're celebrating Intersex Awareness Day on October 26th!

IAD Poster Resource

Download our print ready poster to share in your workplace, school, home or with friends!

Intersex Awareness Day Poster (300 × 600mm) (300 × 500mm) (300 × 400mm).png
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