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One of the challenges of fighting for intersex justice and human rights, is the lack of data available to demonstrate the experiences of people in Aotearoa with intersex variations. What we do know shows that many intersex people experience higher rates of mental distress, influenced partly from carrying feelings of isolation and shame around their bodies. Many people have not spoken to others, aside from those working in healthcare about their intersex variation, not even family or whānau.

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Intersex community experiences of support services in Aotearoa 

This survey has been created to identify the support services people with intersex variations have used after experiencing violence. We want to know about how you felt these agencies/organisations did when you sought help. We do not ask any questions about your experiences of violence, but we are aware that these sorts of topics can bring up difficult memories. Please take care when responding, and reach out if you need additional support.

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Parents and Caregivers of young people with intersex variations/dsd/vsc

This survey has been designed to collect the experiences of the family and whānau of young people with intersex variations. What do you wish you knew about VSC before your child received their diagnosis? What would you like to share with other parents and whānau that have just discovered the same about their young person? Help us create resources that support whānau and encourage support, connection and affirmation.

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Feedback form for Intersex Aotearoa

Get in touch and let us know if there is anything you would like to know more about, and what key areas you feel we should focus or attention as an advocacy organisation.

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