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'All about Intersex' resource

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Download pamphlet pdf

'Your Child is a Taonga' resource

Our online support guide for parents of intersex rangatahi,

For a downloadable version that can be printed and folded into an easy pamphlet size, please click here :

Intersex Educational Poster

Intersex Awareness Poster.png

What to share the basics about intersex, but are not sure where to begin?


Download this poster and share with your friends, family, colleagues or at your school.

Download poster pdf

The Darlington Statement

The statement calls for legal reform, including the criminalisation of deferrable intersex medical interventions on children, an end to legal classification of sex, and improved access to peer support.

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Download pdf

My Intersex Self

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This booklet explores some of the positive and empowering ways that intersex people feel about their bodies.

This resource is from the online course, 'The transgender guide to sex and relationships' , made by Gender Minorities Aotearoa, in collaboration with Intersex Aotearoa. It is designed for intersex and transgender adults, and may not be suitable for younger viewers.


The Rainbow Violence Prevention Network has released their 'Rainbow Best Practice Guidelines' - click the link below for their chapter devoted to Intersex. 

If you wish to read the complete 'Rainbow Best Practice Guidelines' - please head to the Rainbow Violence Prevention Network.

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