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Whānau, Parents and Caregivers

We are so glad you have made it this far.

As people with intersex variations, young and old, we know that the support of our families makes a world of difference as we navigate the journey from diagnosis to self acceptance.


Having whānau onboard to provide judgement free support, and learn together to move away from stigma, secrecy and shame, can make the process so much easier - for everyone!​

At Intersex Aotearoa, we value the input and engagement of whānau, parents and caregivers. Reach out if you have any questions, need support or guidance, or just want to connect with others.


We are here to help wherever and however we can.

Survey for parents and caregivers of intersex young people

This survey has been designed to collect the experiences of whānau of young people with intersex variations.

What do you wish you knew about VSC before your child received their diagnosis?

What would you share with other parents and whānau who have just found out the diagnosis?


Help us create resources that support whānau and encourage support, connection and affirmation.

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