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Learn about our current projects;

a mix of IA-led and collaborative initiatives.

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Intersex Awareness Day

October 26th is International Intersex Awareness Day. 

Peer Support Project

For the next three years, Intersex Aotearoa is excited to be working on the creation of Aotearoa's very first by-intersex-for-intersex peer support programme

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Incentive Working Group

The Incentive Working Group (IWG) is led by Intersex Aotearoa in collaboration with representatives from
the University of Waikato, the New Zealand Human Rights Commission, healthcare representatives and
academics. IWG seeks to contribute to the demedicalisation of intersex bodies in Aotearoa, New Zealand,
through public presentations, research, lobbying and education.

Rainbow Violence Prevention Network

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Intersex Aotearoa is a member organisation of the Rainbow Violence Prevention Network, a consortium of organisations committed to preventing violence within Aotearoa's rainbow communities.

Rainbow Support Collective

Intersex Aotearoa is a member of the Rainbow Support Collective (RSC), a space for collaboration between rainbow-led support organisations across Aotearoa. RSC is responsible for the Be There Campaign (below).

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Be There Campaign

Intersex Aotearoa is involved in Be There, a website and awareness campaign that aims to support the parents and whānau of trans, non-binary, takatāpui, queer, intersex, and rainbow young people to be more inclusive, affirming and safe.

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