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Let's re-write the script!

Intersex Aotearoa is an intersex-led non-profit organisation that provides affirmation, advocacy and referral for intersex people and their whānau.

Our advocacy means we work alongside peer human rights and health organisations, with government legislative bodies, researchers, academics and healthcare professionals to create the change we want to see for ira tāngata/intersex communities.

Intersex is an umbrella term used to describe a range of natural variations in the human body; specifically a persons sex characteristics. These variations are seen by medical circles as "atypical", or not the norm.

But with up to 40 different intersex variations possible and 2.3% of the population having one of these variations, perhaps it is, in fact, pretty normal!

Sex characteristics can include everything from our hormones and chromosomes, to our internal and external anatomy. The variations of sex characteristics can be present at birth or may become evident in puberty or later in adulthood.

Kindly funded by...

Intersex Aotearoa (IA) is a registered charitable trust. We are so grateful for all of our funders and supporters, both philanthropic and individuals. With their donations our advocacy for intersex human rights in Aotearoa is made possible.


Ngā mihi nui from the IA team

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