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Intersex Youth Aotearoa

Young people unite! Let's get rangatahi together, and show the world what intersex youth in Aotearoa has to say. Sound like you? 

Intersex Youth Aotearoa has operated in the past as the youth branch of Intersex Aotearoa. 

Intersex Youth Aotearoa functioned as a place to share information, find support and network. IYA's aims improve the visibility of intersex young people, and aid the creation of community and support.

We are keen to get it started up again, but for that we need some young people on board! 

If you are an intersex person under the age of 25 and want to make your voice heard, please get in touch.

Check out what intersex youth are doing around the world


YOUth&I is an intersex youth anthology that shares the stories and experiences of young intersex people. Founded in 2019, YOUth&I is an Australian-based publication that actively seeks contributions from around the world.

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interACT Youth

interACT Youth is the US-based interACT youth programme. Started in 2014, interACT Youth aims to build advocacy skills and support for the next generation of young intersex leaders in the US.  

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