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Anti-Violence Resource Centre

A collaborative project between

Intersex Aotearoa and Gender Minorities Aotearoa

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In 2022, we carried out an assessment of sexual violence and family violence support services across the country to see how ready they are to work with transgender and intersex people. 

ARC ran three surveys in 2022. 

Support Services:

For members of organisations that provide sexual violence and family violence services, the first survey is for you.

Rainbow organisations serving intersex populations:

For those who work for a rainbow organisation which may handle these types of disclosures, the second survey is for you.

Intersex people who have experienced violence:

For those who are intersex and have ever wanted to get support, tried to get support, or received services from any organisation in relation to sexual violence, partner violence, or family violence, the third survey is for you*.

We are creating reports from the data received. Register to our mailing list to be updated with the reports release.

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